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PU-PIR Sandwich Panel Production Line

Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating materials and is therefore used in the form of metal composite elements in industrial and cold store construction, as well as in cooling chambers for supermarkets and in thermal assemblies for trucks. With its highly developed, continuously or discontinuously operating sandwich panel lines.

Plant is designed for the continuous production of top-quality sandwich panels with different facings, panel thicknesses and profiles and the option of a core structure made of polyurethane or mineral wool. Thanks to the company HPT GmbH, the DMMET GROUP also has a highly-specialized provider of high-performance trapezoidal sheet roll forming systems, which can be seamlessly incorporated into the existing plant concept for the Sandwich Panelline continuous sandwich panel lines. In the continuous production of sandwich elements with metal facing, DMMET GROUP is one of only a few suppliers that can offer its customers convincing all-round solutions from a single source.


The entry section contains the equipment for handling the coil and processing the metal facings. This includes unwinding and feeding the steel coils into the plant, preparing the strips by trimming and connecting them, as well as the profiling of the lower and upper metal facings. The surface and edge profiling gives the sandwich composite elements a defined shape and joins them securely together. The profiling section usually comprises the following parts: Facing infeed Lining

DMMET GROUP offers the entire equipment for the metering, storage, transport, and monitoring of raw materials and additives The polyurethane metering machines are responsible for the homogenous mixing of the reactive components polyol and isocyanate, as well as various additives (e.g. catalysts, blowing agents, curing agents, flame retardants). DMMET GROUP sandwich panel production lines are based on a well-planned arrangement of the individual units and top-quality components. This guarantees the user a uniform cell structure and an efficient raw material yield. The raw material dispensing equipment, or wet part, usually comprises the following: Metering units, Dynamic premixing station and gas loading system: Mass flow meter, Temperature control unit and cooler, Tank farm

The center section for continuous metal facings is the heart of a DMMET GROUP production line. It represents our company's accumulated expertise in polyurethane processing under high pressure. The center section of the DMMET GROUP usually comprises the following: Preparation for foam application, Foaming portal Mixhead, Double plate conveyor, Temperature control unit, Band saw, Infeed for mineral wool panels

This so-called cooling zone provides for the interim storage and cooling of the panels. Here the panels are finished and stacked, interlayers are inserted and the stacks are wrapped with a protective film. The cooling and stacking of the DMMET GROUP usually comprises the following parts: Cooling line, Milling station, Stacking station EPS / XPS plate infeed

State-of-the-art, computer-aided electronic systems ensure maximum operating safety, require minimal space and allow product changes to be implemented quickly and virtually automatically. The plant control system usually comprises the following parts: Panel management system, Process data acquisition, Graphical evaluation and analysis

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